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White Lemon Buffet

I loved this lemon paper! This buffet/sideboard was created using Annie Sloan pure white (you can't get the pure white anymore) and I did a little bit of distressing. When you are painting with pure white it is always good to first put down a coat of really light gray (like paris gray). It helps to reduce the amount of pure white coats you have to put on. With pure white you really do have to put on more coats than normal. But putting down a coat of light gray first just really helps the white to go on better and reduces the amount of coats needed.

I used lemon wrapping paper that I bought from Spoonflower. Unfortunately they do not sell wrapping paper anymore. That was a huge let down when I found that out! Anyways, this was great paper - nice and thick and good for decoupage on furniture. I adhere it with wallpaper paste. I find that works the best when adhereing thick wrapping paper to furniture.

IT was sealed with Annie Sloan clear wax. It is the only topcoat I will use when working with white paint and I trust it to not yellow at all. I have lots of how-to videos on my YouTube channel on working with AS waxes that you can watch. There are also videos on doing decoupage on furniture.

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