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Vintage Modern Eclectic cabinet

I love the stencil I used on this piece! It is from Royal Design Studio and called tribal batik. The paint I used is Annie Sloan. I used graphite and old white. The white drips are just some leftover pure white chalk paint. I sealed it all with AS clear wax, dark wax and black wax (on the graphite).

You can see how I created the drips on my YouTube channel - Rita Shurmer Art. I have all sorts of free videos on there. For the top of the piece I added a


stencil pattern from a large stencil I purchased at Michaels. I used athenian black for the pattern and used a small roller to lay it down.

The inside of the drawers were lined with rice paper I bought on Etsy. They were also painted with AS Rodmell. The sides of the drawers is where I used some IOD stamps. I used arhival ink on the stamps. Archival ink is permanent and won't smudge.

On the sides of the buffet I created that look by sweeping a huge brush across the dripping paint.

You can find video clips of the process on my YouTube channel - Rita Shurmer Art.

If you are not comfortable with using Annie Sloan wax you can watch videos of how to use it on my YouTube channel.

I also have written a lot of how-to blog posts here on my website.

Currently this one is available and is listed in my Etsy account - Rita Shurmer Art

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