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Turquoise western boho

This piece we are using for our tv stand. The base color is a mix of Annie Sloan blues and greens (I mix a lot of paints so I don't keep track of colors really). If you mix any bright blues and greens it will give you some great turquosie colors. Do different shades to get different turquoise shades.

The top has a stencil design on it done in a darker shade of blue. I then sanded it a bit just with a piece of sandpaper in my hand. Just so it looks a little bit worn. I have some videos on my Instagram account (I think in Reels) of me working on this. I also have some free videos on my YouTube channel of working on this piece. The sides are furniture decoupage paper. I think I bought the paper from Zazzle. It's a good option because they are larger than just normal decoupage paper. One sheet fits the entire side. I also did a rusting affect on the paper and also on the front of the drawers. I do the rusting with modern masters rusting products. There should be videos of this on my YouTube channel.

On the front of the drawers I did the rusting and also did some distressing with an electric sander. You gotta have an electric sander to get good distressing. Then I did drips of paint. The top drawers got some dark blue drips and the bottom drawers got pink drips. There should be videos on my Instagram account and YouTube on drips. It all got sealed with Annie Sloan clear wax.

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