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Turquoise dresser with midnight garden

This was painted with a mix of Annie Sloan paints. I can't remember the recipe but I think it was Aubusson Blue and graphite and greek blue. I used the midnight garden transfer from Iron Orchid Designs. I also used Annie Sloan black wax as the sealer and to add depth and dimension. You can put that wax right over the transfers as the transfers need to be sealed on furniture. Before you use any dark wax though you want to put on a coat of clear wax first. I have lots lof how to videos on using AS wax on my YouTube channel.

You want to make sure you let your paint sit for at least 24 hrs before putting on transfers. Always rub the transfers with a soft cloth all over before putting on a topcoat (I have lots of how to videos on my YouTube channel on using transfers).

I have used Annie Sloan wax as a topcoat and Modern Masters dead flat varnish on top of these transfers. I DO NOT recommend DB gator hide on the transfers.

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