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Stunning pink flowered dresser

This was a rare find as it was in great condition to start with. The drawers are all in great condition and there were no problems with the piece. That is rare! I love the size of these large ones and they are hard to find anymore (it is 50" wide).

I started with a good cleaning (as always) and just did a quick scuffing of the wood with a piece of 80 grit sandpaper. There was a shine to the piece as it was in really good condition so that's why I scuffed it up (so the paint would adhere with no problems). Often I will shellac a piece first so I don't have any problems with bleed through or if the piece is super glossy but this one just needed the bit of scuffing. This had a base coat of Annie Sloan scandinavian pink, a custom pink and brown as I was going with a different idea at first. I then changed my mind about what I was doing. Here's what I ended up doing:

I painted the top area with Annie Sloan sandinavian pink (any peachy salmon color works) and started blending as I was going down the dresser with scandinavian pink (it is a great color) and then a custom bright pink ( if you can find a paint store that sells the base of Bunglalow 47 paint they can mix up any color for you) and then AS burgundy at the bottom. There should be some little vidoes on my Instagram account or YouTube channel of the blending.

When the paint was all dry (you typically need to do 2 coats of your paint) I then did some distressing on the edges of the drawers.

The dripping paint is Amy Howard shaw red and a custom bright pink. I then added gold to the edges with modern masters metallic gold paint. I also added the gold so it drips down the top drawers a bit. There are vidoes of this too on IG and YouTube.

The flowers are IOD transfers. I have lots of free YouTube videos on how to do the transfers. I did scratch up the transfers a little with sandpaper so they looked worn.

Once I knew the transfers were securely on I sealed everything with AS clear wax. In between the two coats I waited 24 hrs.

The final touch was rubbing on some gold gilding wax.

The AS wax should cure for 20 days at least before the piece is moved around and touched too much. After that curing time the wax is an excellent sealer and will protect the piece very well. I have never rewaxed anything. You have to do the wax properly though. There should be lots of youtube videos I have on my channel on waxing. My channel is Rita Shurmer Art.


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