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Southwestern Boho

This is pretty simple to create. You just paint stripes (small or large) and then get out an electric sander and sand in between the colors. The more you sand, the better. Letting some of the original wood show through is always good with southwestern. You really need an electric sander to create the rough, uneven distressed look. It doesn't look the same when trying to create a heavy distressed look with just a piece of sandpaper with your hand. You can create all sorts of awesome looks with the sander. It is best that your base is dark. If you don't have a dark wood piece than paint a base color of black or dark blue.

The top drawer pattern was done with a stencil. I like the contrast of black and white with the colors. I think I bought the stencil at Michael's. Use whatever southwestern style stencil you can find.

I used Annie Sloan paints. I sealed it all with her clear wax. Be creative and use whatever chalk paint/colors you want. So many color options would look great.

Give it a try!

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