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Silver lace dresser

Available in my Etsy store.

This piece was created using silver leaf, a lace stencil (from Prima Redesign), drywall paste, modeling paste, gray paint.

I painted the piece first with Annie Sloan paris grey. I did a little bit of distressing when the paint dried.

The sides of the dresser I used a large stencil from Prima Redesign. I used drywall paste with the stencil. It is inexpensive and works just fine with stencils. I do clean the stencil outside with a brush and the hose running to clean off the product.

After that dried I painted over everything with the grey paint as I wanted just a subtle design on the sides to make the front design stand out better.

The front got the silver leaf. I buy the silver leaf on Amazon. You can get the leaf adhesive from Hobby Lobby.

The lace pattern I used artist modeling paste because it is pure white and I wanted the design on the front to be pure white. You could just use pure white paint. It just won't be as textured.

I always clean my stencils through the whole process. I do it outside so products don't go down the bathtub drain. Plust it is much easier scrubbin and cleaning the stencils on my driveway.

I have videos of the process for this dresser on my YouTube channel.

Everything got sealed with Modern Masters dead flat varnish. I used 2 coats.

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