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Purple & Pink Boho Buffet

This art deco buffet had good bones and I actually like the look of the art deco pieces usually. I knew I could transfrom this one into the boho style.

Someone had already put a coat of paint on it so the normal prep was not needed (see my blog post on prepping furniture).

I used Graphite mixed with a custom pink Bungalow 47. Did you know that you can get any color you want with a base paint of Bungalow 47? You just have to find a paint retailer that sells the base paint and they can mix up any of thousands of colors for you! I found a paint store that has the base so I had them mix up a pink one for me. This paint is chalk paint so similar to Annie Sloan paint. I can also use Annie Sloan wax on it - which I like very much.

So when blending the graphite and pink it gave me this awesome purple color. In some areas I just used more pink and then the lower area of the cabinet I used more gray. I also added a little bit of Annie Sloan athenian black to give it depth. There was even more depth added with black wax.

I used the Iron Orchid Designs midnight garden transfer on this piece. I also used part of the Japonica with the black flowers (I wish they sold just those black flowers). Often I am using 2 or 3 different transfers as I always save parts I don't use.

You want to make sure your transfer is on really well. Once you have applied the whole transfer (I have lots of how to videos on tranfers on my YouTube channel) you want to go over the transfer with a soft cloth, pressing all over to make sure the transfer is down.

I always let paint sit 24 hrs minimum before putting on the transfers though. Otherwise you could have problems.

Then just seal everything. I used Annie Sloan wax as my topcoat. First the clear wax. There are no issues with the wax and the tranfsers. Once the clear wax sits for 24 hrs I then apply the second coat of wax. I think I used dark wax as my second coat. Dark wax with a mix of clear wax.

Two coats of the wax is plenty of protection.

You could also use Modern Masters dead flat varnish as an option instead of wax.

I have lots of how to videos on my YouTube channel on how to use wax (Rita Shurmer Art).

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