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Purple Boho French Provincial

I love how this one turned out! First you want to make sure you clean your piece well. Then I almost always do a scuff sanding before painting starts. That makes sure that the paint is going to grip. I often also do a coat of clear shellac.

I used a mix of different paints. One of the paints I used was Aubergiene by Amy Howard. The other paints I used were a mix of leftover black paint. Underneath there are mixes of pinks and lavender. I painted all the underneath colors first and then did some distressing in small areas so we could see the underneath colors popping through. If you haven't tried Amy Howard paint, give it a try. That purple color is amazing.

The transfer is Iron Orchid Designs transfer japonica and roudette. I have lots of how to videos on my YouTube channel on how to use transfers.

You want to make sure you let the paint sit for at least 24 hrs before putting on the transfers. Then make sure you go over all the transfer really well by pressing it down. Use your fingers or use a soft cloth to press it all down before you put on your topcoat. I sealed this with Modern Masters dead flat varnish.

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