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Green floral beauty

This beauty is available in my Etsy store.

I love this green beauty. She has some yellow on her too and a lot of flowers.

Beautiful original vintage pulls.

I cleaned her well first.

Then painted this dresser with a combination of greens - some amsterdam green from Annie Sloan, some antibes mixed with amsterdam green and english yellow mixed in with the greens too.

You want to make sure the paint sits for at least 24 hrs before you put transfers on. The main transfer I used was Cosette by IOD. I also added some transfers from Flora Parisiensis and Redoute II and 4. All from IOD.

You want to make sure you go over the transfers well, pressing down everywhere with you fingers or a soft cloth to make sure they are adhered well before your protective coat goes on.

On the top of the dresser I used some stamps from IOD. I used archival ink in black. For the gold flowers I used metallic paint.

The dresser got sealed with Annie Sloan clear wax. I wait 24 hrs between the first coat and the 2nd coat.

I have some videos on my YouTube channel of applying furniture transfers if you need some help.

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