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Green and Yellow Boho Dresser

This one was a new color scheme for me. I had not worked with green and yellow blending before. I loved how this turned out and it sold pretty fast. I used Annie Sloan amsterdam green (with a little english yellow thrown in) and english yellow for this one. I blended the colors together at the top.

For the drips I used Modern Masters metallic gold paint (great metallic paint) which I love. All their paints are great. I did it in a drip fashion aross all the drawers. You just dip your small brush in to the paint and then press it at the top of the drawers. Get ready to catch any drips you don't want.

I let paint sit at least 24 hrs before applying transfer images.

The transfers I used are Iron Orchid Designs transfers. Redoute and Flora Parisiensis. These are great transfers. Some of them are available on Etsy otherwise you can do a search on the internet for sellers. I have lots of how to vidoes on my YouTube channel (Rita Shurmer Art) on how to apply transfers. I prefer the IOD ones.

You want to make sure you do not apply the transfers right away after painting. Let your chalk paint sit at least 24 hrs before putting the transfers on. Then when you are finished applying, press all over with a soft cloth to make sure everything is laying flat. You don't want the topcoat to get underneath the transfers. Once you know everything is down for good then you can put on a topcoat. Yes, they need the protection of topcoating. You can use Annie Sloan wax if you used her paint. The wax has no issues with the transfers. I sometimes used Modern Masters dead flat varnish as a topcoat if I don't use wax. It also is safe with the transfers.

If you look at the close up shots of the side flowers you can see that I used gold dust on a couple of the blooms. It is gold fine gold mica powder. I apply a little bit of AS wax and then the gold dust to that. It sticks to the wax. You have to be careful sealing this area. I let that area sit for several days and then go over it very carelly with my fingers with some wax for protection.

I always apply 2 coats of wax to furniture if using wax as sealer. You don't need more than 2 coats. The first coat is clear wax and that is the main coat that seals everything. I think my second coat on this was dark wax. I use the 2nd coat to do any any enhancing and it adds that 2nd layer of protection.

I have lots of how to vidoes on using wax (and transfers) on my YouTube channel.

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