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Gold and turquoise cabinet

Simple but elegant and classic. This one has paint, paper decoupage, furniture transfers and gold metallic paint.

I first cleaned the cabinet really well.

I then painted with Annie Sloan aubusson paint - which is similar to a turquoise color. I then used Italian wrapping paper and decouapged the doors with the paper. On furniture I use basic wallpaper glue to adhere the paper to the furniture. I then did a gold metallic wash on top of the paper to give it a metallic sheen. There should be a YouTube video of this process on my channel.

I then applied some furniture transfers on top of the paper. I used some from the IOD transfer Redoute 4. You want to make sure you press the transfers on really well before applying any topcoat. Just go over it all well with your fingers, pressing everything down well. You could also use a soft cloth and go over all the transfer.

The hardware and the edges of the door panels got some stencil cream on it for some shimmer. You could also use gilding wax.

Everything got sealed with AS wax. I used 2 coats of clear wax. I always wait 24 hrs. in between the 2 coats.

This is available to purchase in my Etsy store.

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