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Deep Blue Gray Furniture

This color combo is the most requested combo I get. It is also the color that I get asked about the most. It's a very easy combination as it used just two colors. The color changes a bit though depending on the amount you use. I never measure - just wing it. Mostly it is half Napoloenic Blue (Annie Sloan paint) and half Graphite (Annie Sloan paint). So the color changes depending on how much you use. It is a fantastic color mix. As you can see I have used it often! If you look at the photos below you can see some of the pieces look more blue and some look more gray. So it depends on how much of either paint you add to the other.

You can add depth too by sealing it with black wax. Otherwise I seal it with her clear wax. I have lots of how-to videos on my YouTube channel if you don't know how to work with AS wax.

Give it a try!

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