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Coral Rustic Distressed Cabinet

This cabinet was created using chalk paint, paper, waxes, sanding, stencil cream. I'll include the before photo.

I have used scandinavian pink (Annie Sloan paint) on so many pieces. It is such a wonderful color. It is one of those colors that works well with dark wax. It is a light coral color - much like a peach. Sometiems it can look pink too.

I always clean my pieces well before painting. This piece got 2 coats of the scandinavian pink. I then did some distressing with an electric sander. The paper was a large sheet of decorative paper I had purchased at Joannes. Unfortunately they discontinued all the decorative paper. I use wallpaper paste to apply the paper. It is such a good glue. I just buy the basic kind at Home Depot. Once I know the paper is adhered well and dry I then apply a protective coat on it like matte medium. You could also use a poly sealer.

The bright orangre/red is Shaw Red from Amy Howard paint. It was done in a drip method. I have videos on my YouTube channel of dripping paint methods. Actually there should also be videos of how I apply paper also.

I sealed this piece with Annie Sloan clear wax - one coat of that. I always let my first coat of wax sit for 24 hrs before applying a second coat. For the second coat I used dark wax to age the piece and add rustic character. Dark wax is perfect to use if you want a rustic look or an old aged look. If you need guidance with waxing please check out all my free videos on YouTube.

All the shimmer areas are stencil cream. There are vidoes on YouTube of this process. A decorative wax would also work.

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