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Bright Green Hutch

This piece is available to purchase in my Etsy store.

I think this hutch would go with a farmhouse style, a southwestern style or a boho style home. A cabin, a lodge or a lake house.

It is painted in a fantastic bright color called Firle by Annie Sloan.

I wish I had purchased more of this paper but I got the last sheet at my Joanne's store and next thing you know they discontinued all the large sheets of paper that they were selling. Isn't is such a great pattern?!

I first cleaned the dresser well. I then painted 2 coats of Firle.

I then did some distressing with my electric sander.

The paper I applied with regular wall paper paste I bought at Home Depot years ago. It is what I use to adhere paper to furniture. There should be a video of this on my Instagram account or perhaps even my YouTube channel.

The protectice topcoat I used was Annie Sloan wax. I first did a coat of clear wax, waited 24 hrs, then did a second coat of wax but used dark wax. Dark wax is perfect for aging a piece. It just adds so much character.

I have lots of how-to videos on my YouTube channel of teaching how to use AS waxes if you need help.

I have reels and photos on my Instagram account - Rita Shurmer Art.

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