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Boho gypsy floral armoire

Here is a true statement piece! This piece is available in my Etsy store

I painted it with leftover color mixes using Annie Sloan paints. I tend to do a lot of mixing of colors but never write down recipes. I should have a video of some of the painting of this piece on my YouTube channel.

The gypsy transfer is called Queen of the Nile from Iron Orchid Designs. It is one of their paint inlays. It wasn't easy to use. I much prefer to use regular transferes. I actually only used some of the paint inlay transfer. I'll include a photo of the original transfer. With the paint inlays you have to transfer the image onto wet paint. Because I was blening colors together it was rather stressful. It wouldn't be difficult if you were just transfering onto one paint color. If you go to the Iron Orchid Designs webiste there will be a video of how to use the paint inlays.

The floral images are from their transfer called Midnight Garden on the front. The sides of the armoire I used leftover pieces from the Japonica transfer. The flowers around her head are from the transfer Wander. I use a lot of transfers and always keep any leftover images - no matter how small because you can always use them on something.

I also used floral stamping. IOD has some great stamps. You can use chalk paint or even easier is archival ink stamp pads for the rubbr stamps. The ink with those stamp pads are permanent which is what you want. I mostly use black but you can get a variety of colors. I wash the rubber stamps off with baby wipes when I am done stamping. If you use chalk paint on the stamps you need to roll it on lightly.

Paint inlay transfer that I used a portion of:

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