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Blended White blue purple dresser

Here is another blended piece using pure white, a shade of blue and a shade of purple. The paints I used were from Bungalow 47 paint company. The transfers I used are from the Iron Orchid Designs company. The transfer is the Botanist's Jouranal transfer. I have a lot of videos on my YouTube channel about blending paints and how to use transfers.

Always clean your furniture before you put on your paint. You can use Dawn soap or windex or a Krud Kutter. Then wipe all that off with water.

When using white chalk paint be prepared to use 3 or 4 coats of paint.

I do a lot of sanding when using chalk paint to get the paint smooth. Always sand outside and use a mask. I use a 220 grit sandpaper between the coats. It's just a fast sanding. You can see on the sides of this piece I distressed it. I do that with an electric sander.

Let the paint sit 24 hrs before applying furniture transfers. I have how-to videos on my YouTube channel on applying transfers. Make sure everything is laying totally flat before applying your sealer. I usually use Annie Sloan wax on my furniture and transfers but you could also use a water based topcoat from General Finishes or Modern Masters. I have used the Modern Masters dead flat varnish too on the transfers. If you are using wax just wait 24 hrs between coat one and coat 2. Watch my videos if you are not familiar with AS wax.

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