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Dark navy boho dresser

I always start pieces by cleaning them well first. Then I either scuff sand or use clear shellac. If the piece looks glossy or shiny I scuff sand first to get rid of the gloss. Then I use clear shellac. Almost all my pieces get a coat of clear shellac before painting.

For this dresser I used Annie Sloan oxford navy paint. It looks black. If I am using transfers I always wait at least 24 hrs to let the paint sit before applying the transfers. I used the Iron Orchid Designs transfer called midnight garden. I have lots of how to videos on my YouTube channel on using transfers.

You want to make sure that you go over the transfers really well once they are all on. Press all over with your fingers or a soft cloth to make sure everything is laying flat before putting on your protective coat. I use Annie Sloan wax or Modern Masters dead flat varnish on tranfsers. There are never issues with the tranfers with these products. I apply the first coat of topcoat and then 24 hrs later apply the second coat. If you don't know how to use Annie Sloan wax, I have lots of how to videos on my YouTube channel on how to use her wax.

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