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Steampunk & Flowers

This one was such a fun one to create. I used 3 different transfers on this dresser (all available in my online store).

First I cleaned the dresser (as always). I then did a quick scuff sanding. I then applied one coat of clear shellac. Once that sat for a couple days I started painting this.

I first painted with Annie Sloan graphite. I put on two coats of that color. I then did a dry brushing with Modern Masters brass colored metallic paint.

Once that sat for a couple days I applied the transfers. I used 3 different transfers: the flowers are Rose & Rouge, then I used Mechanical, and on the front is the Steampunk transfer.

The transfers are great for mixing up and you can also layer them and overlap them with each other.

I top coated the dresser with Annie Sloan wax in clear. I used 2 coats.

I love this dresser! I also put on some new pulls that were industrial looking.

I have lots of how to videos on applying tranfsers on my YouTube channel.

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