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Mermaid Dresser

For this dresser I used a stencil from Royal Designs. I also used their stencil cream. You can find some tuturials on my YouTube channel on how to do this.

I first painted the dresser in my custom turquoise color mix (you can purchase the tutuorial on this mix in my Etsy store-Rita Shurmer Art). Then I did all the stenciling on the drawers with the stencil and a few different shades of the stencil creams. Just make sure each color is dry before applying a new shade.

For the mermaid tail I first drew a template with some brown paper. I then outlined that template on the sides of the dresser. I used the same stencil for inside the tail but I used pink shimmer wax instead of stencil cream.

The shells are adhesive transfers and foils.

The front of the dresser is the Mermaid transfer that is white. I also actually went in and colored on the transfer with colored waxes. I have some tutorials on my YouTube channel on how to apply transfers.

It all got top coated with Modern Masters dead flat varnish.

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