Coco & Burgundy Buffet

This buffet was very slick - it has like a veneer so when you have something that is really slick and glossy you have to make sure you scuff sand first so the paint will adhere. If you don't scuff sand first the paints and products don't have anything to adhere too - they will just peel right off and chip off.

So this got a good cleaning, then scuff sanding, then some primer to help with bonding issues. I usually use clear shellac or bin primer. Either one works. Clear shellac I will use if I know I am going to do some distressing. I will use bin primer when I know there won't be any distressing.

I used Annie Sloan coco on the top and base and Dixie Belle muscadine wine for the burgundy color.

I applied some paper (scrapbook paper) to the door panels. I love incorporating paper into my pieces. I cut the paper to fit the panels and then applied them with mod podge. Then I painted all the edges so it would all blend and not look like paper there. I then used a stencil and (the Alessandro stencil - in the online store) used silver crackle paste so there would be some crackling. Once that dried I painted over that a bit so it would all just blend together.

I used Annie Sloan clear wax first. (I have blog posts on working with wax) Once the clear wax sat for 24 hrs, I waxed with a mix of dark wax and clear wax to give some aging to the piece. Around the door panels I used straight dark wax to give that more depth and aging.

When you are using wax it is good to let your pieces sit and cure for 30 days. That is how long it takes for the wax to fully cure.

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