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Red Gold Buffet

This was the first time I used this bright red on a piece. I thought it would go really well with the flowers. And it does! I also wanted to add lots of shimmer of gold.

The buffet was painetd in honky tonk red by Dixie Belle paint.

The transfer is called Rose Celebration and it is from Prima. It is a large one but you can cut it up.

The gold is gold leaf. I used Artisan Enhancements leaf and foil size to adhere the leaf.

It was all sealed with Modern Masters dead flat varnish (except the gold leaf).

First, I washed and cleaned the piece.

Then lightly scuff sanded.

Then did a coat of primer tinted a light gray.

Then two coats of the paint.

Then applied the transfer. I have videos on my YouTube channel of how to work with furniture transfers.

I then put on the gold leaf. You don't want to lay the leaf down in columns. IT is best to lay it here and there, sometimes overlapping.

Then sealed it all with the varnish. I did not seal the gold leaf as I find when you seal it it turns cloudy. If you wanted to seal it you could use Modern Masters sealer for metallic paint. This is not a piece that you can put hot dishes on. This piece will sit regally in a room and just look beautiful.

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