Dresser, duck egg, flowers

For Sale. Msg me if interested. This dresser was painted with duck egg from Annie Sloan. I also did the salt wash technique on it, and the Redesign transfers. For a little extra bling I added teal foil.

I first painted a coat of a darker blue chalk paint. I then mixed Old Violet with some salt wash and applied that all over. I used salt wash since this piece had some peeling and some scuffs. Salt wash is great for pieces that are no perfect.

You want to lightly brush the salt wash before it dries. You want to smooth it down a bit. I have a video on my Facebook page on how to apply the saltwash.

Once that all dried I painted over it with Duck Egg from Annie Sloan. I then did some light sanding with a 220 grit sandpaper and an electric sander. That brings out the color underneath. That is part of the look of saltwash.

The transfers I applied on just the 2 bottom drawers. I sell the transfers in my Online Store if you want to try them. They are so pretty and easy to use!

The drawers were bigger (lengthwise) so I used 3 sections of transfer for 2 drawers. I applied the entire transfer and then added a bit more to the end as it was not long enough to cover the whole drawer. So if I wanted all the drawers to have the transfer I would have used 2 containers of the transfers, not one. There are so many beautiful transfers to choose from! The top 2 drawers got a transfer from another package - leftover words from another project.


Keep them at room temperature

Work with them at room temperature. They do not like heat and will get damaged.

Your piece of furniture you are applying them on should also be at room temperature.

Apply them slowly. Keep the back on until you are ready to use. Apply, rub all over with your hands/fingers and then start rubbing with the stick. Peel back the plastic slowly to see if it is sticking to your furniture. If not, then keep rubbing it.

I also added a little bit of teal foil to the edges of the dresser and a little bit here and there on top of the transfers. Can you see the shiny teal?You just need brush on foil size, let that sit for a good 30 minutes (or longer) and then apply your foil. Color side always on top. Rub it well and then remove. That's it.

I sealed the dresser with Modern Masters dead flat varnish.

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