Coral Pink boho dresser

This piece has been really special to me.

It was in rough shape when I got it. It needed quite a bit of repairs. I am so glad I did not give up on this piece! She turned out amazing!

I can't really explain how to get this look. IT is much better to watch how you do this. I will be doing a tutuorial at some point. That way it is easier to learn as you watch how it is done.

It really is about layering again, spraying, layering, over and over. You want to choose colors that blend well together. I started out with Scandinavian Pink from Annie Sloan and then added some other coral colors, in different shades, then also light pink. You really just have to blend and spray all the colors. If you want a darker color somewhere, then you would brush that on a bit, then spray. It really is hard to explain. Watching a tutorial will be much better. I will announce when each tutorial is done.

The flowers are from the Redesign Transfer. Most of it is the Rose Celebration transfer. Some of it is from another transfer I had left over.

Transfers: keep them stored at room temperature, use them in room temperature, not in your garage. The piece you are putting them on should also be at room temperature. Heat is not good for the transfers. Work slowly. Always keep the backing on until you are ready to use. Press with your fingers, then start rubbing with the stick provided. Slowly pick up the plastic to see if it is sticking. IF not, rub it more. I have videos on my YouTube channel on how to use transfers and all sorts of how to vidoes.

It was all sealed with white wax from Annie Sloan.

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