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Coral Crush Flowered Buffet

This buffet actually is in our home so I was totally ok painting it a cotton candy orange slush color :) It was just a white and gray buffet distressed before I added all the colors and flowers.

This technique requries a lot of layering and a spray bottle.

I first painted it with Apricot from Dixie Belle paints. I just did one coat of that.

I then painted on Flamingo from DB also. One coat of that. Flamingo is a very bright color so be prepared for that.

I wiped it all with a lint free towel (you can buy the package at Home Depot), rubbing it all in and together.

I then started spraying it all with a misting type of spray bottle. I didn't over do the doors, just light spraying, and wiping with the towel. I didn't want the doors to have all the drips.

I let that all dry and then I came back with watered down white chalk paint. I brushed it on and then wiped it with my towel.

I then brushed on a very pale pink - soft pink by Dixie Belle.

I started spraying again with the misting spray. I rubbed it again with the towel as I did not want drips on the doors. The piece already had distressing so I just rubbed those areas a bit with a towel to keep the distressing showing a bit.

The drawers I did a little differently. I brushed on the paint and then sprayed close. I repeated that with the colors a couple times. You can just apply a quick coat in a small section, spray. I did this with all the colors.

The process is about applying, spraying, applying, repeat. The pure whtie is an important part too as it kinda calms everything down and adds that layer of softness. IF the colors are too bright for you then just keep adding white. I ended up doing some dry brushing of white all over the buffet. I did that after everything was dry. I just did that here and there lightly. I have a video of this on my Facebook page, Restyled Renewed.

The flowers are part of the Rose Celebration transfer. I cut up the portions from the transfer that I wanted to use on the doors.

You want to make sure to let the paint sit for a couple days before applying the transfer.

For the transfers:

Always keep the backing on until you are ready to use

Even while cutting it, keep backing on.

Store your transfer in your home at room temperature. Heat will destroy it.

Also, I don't recommend you working in the heat. Your furniture should also be at room temperature before applying the transfer, for best results.

Work slowly, rubbing the transfer all over with your fingers and then with the stick just start rubbing. You can slowly pull back to see if the transfer has stuck to the furniture. IF not, put the plastic back down and rub again. Keep doing this until you are done.

I sealed it all with white wax from Annie Sloan. You want to seal on your transfers too. If you don't like using wax then you can use a water based sealer. I wanted the white wax so it would add more white softness. I have lots of how to videos on my YouTube channel.

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