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Distressed and Layered Colors French Provincial

This dresser was a redo. I had painted it in a mint green with Fusion paint. It was sealed with a stain sealer too and up for sale. Then I accidently got primer on it in a few spots. So that was the end of that dresser staying the same. Thank goodness the top of it did not get any paint on it so I was able to save the top from my original job of stripping and staining it all. You can read about that in the post about the mint-ish french provincial dresser on the website.

I ended up applying layers of white chalk paint and a soft metallic acrylic paint in purples over the mint. The mint stayed because there was a sealer on it. Then it was a matter of wiping the paint off. I used lint free towels to do the wiping off. So I would paint on a layer of paint and then wipe it off. I did this over and over. Sometimes I would let the paint start to dry. This lets the paint build up. I also used a chalk paint in a lavender color and wiped that off too. Then I did some distressing. I also ended up painting the hardware the lavender color that was showing up a bit on the drawers.

So it is a lot of layering of paint and wiping off with a dry lint free towel, doing that over and over.

I topcoated it with Annie Sloan wax in clear. I put on 2 coats of wax. In between coat one and two I wait 24 hrs. I have lots of how to videos on my YouTube channel on waxing with her wax.

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