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Bright & Bold Fun Hutch

I know, this is bold! But look how happy and fun this piece is! I saw this paper (gift wrap) and knew I had to use it on something. I thought this hutch would be perfect for the paper. My thoughts were this would be a hutch for a craft room or playroom. But if you love color you could certainly put it in your kitchen or dining room :)

I first did what I always do and that is clean it all down. I then did a scuff sand on it all. I use 220 grit when I scuff sand. (You can read my blog on how to prep furniture).

I color matched the paint to the paper. Bungalow 47 has a base paint (chalk paint) that you can actually color to any color you want. These colors are from the Benjamin Moore line. I just showed the owner of the paint store the color swatches I wanted and he tinted the paint those colors. It's an amazing idea that you can do this with chalk paint. If you go to the Bungalow 47 website and search for retailers you can see if there is a paint store in your area that sells the base. The only downside is that the paint is thinner than what I am use to with chalk paint. So I found I had to do more coats. But worth it when you are wanting specific colors. The paper is from Spoonflower but you can use paper from anywhere.

I did a couple coats of paint everywhere. I then glued the paper to the doors. I use wallpaper paste to attach gift paper. I have how to videos on my YouTube channel on doing decoupage on furniture. I let that all dry and then I painted a third coat of paint as I felt this paint needed another coat. I also then added a little bit of paint around the paper to blend it all in. Then I did a little bit of Waverly waxing on the yellow to give it a bit more brightness. I just mix 3 parts Waverly clear wax with a bright yellow acrylic paint. I just painted that on the yellow areas and rubbed it in with a lint free cloth. I only used a small bit. I then started doing the drips. I used some of the same paint and also some acrylic paints in similar colors. You just put some dabs on and start spraying those dabs. I use a mister spray bottle. You really just need to practice. It's pretty simple. I hold the bottle really close to my dabs of paint and spray. I did this on the paper too in a couple areas. I also added a bit of color here and there with a putty knife.

I then sealed it with wax. I used BB Frosch wax. It really has a strong odor but I like the wax. You can use Annie Sloan wax though. That's usually what I would use.

I then distressed with sandpaper, my electric sander, and the spatula. They will all give different looks. I then put one more coat of wax all over everything. This time I used a mix of dark wax and clear wax from Annie Sloan to give the piece a little bit of aging. 2 coats of wax total.

As usual, I forgot to take a before photo! It was a typical maple hutch.

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