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Pirate desk chair

How could I have forgotten to take a BEFORE photo?!! This piece sold so fast! It was just a plain boring cream color, typical metal and wood piece. Yes, metal can be painted! So just picture that before and you can understand what a major makeover this was!

I love using paper in my furniture pieces. You do have to be very patient though while working with it to make sure you get out all the bubbles that happen. You have to press down on it all during and after it is down and press out those gaps and bubbles. You can use a tool that is flat and it is made of plastic. To adhere the paper I use normal wallpaper paste from Home Depot. It works great with thick gift wrap or wallapaper. Don't do this though outside in the heat as the high temps and sun will not let the paper adhere to your furniture. In house temps are important. I have some decoupage videos on my YouTube channel that you can watch.

First I painted the entire piece with 2 coats of paint (after giving it a good clean). I then put the paper on. After that I took the chair outside and did some sanding along the edges to roughen it up a bit. Then I brought it back in and put on some dark wax. That helps to age it and kinda grunge it up. The whole chair was sealed with dark wax.

I work mostly with chalk paint so I know that the paper adheres to that. I don't know if it would adhere onto a satin paint.

You can use any kind of paper as long as it isn't too thick. I also use napkins and tissue paper on my pieces. So there are lots of options for you to try.

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