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Beautiful detailed dark navy bed

This bed was such a pleasure to transform! And what a huge makeover it got! This is why I love paint so much. Look at the difference!

It was that awful red/brown stain that was so typical of the 80's. But now she is beaming with glamour.

When furniture is reddish toned and has a gloss like finish on it, you want to make sure you prep well. You have some options with that - you can use a deglosser (which means a lot of rubbing) or you can lightly scuff sand or you can spray or brush on a clear coat of shellac. Usually my go-to product is shellac. I put on a couple coats of that before painting. You wan to make sure you follow the directions for the drying times. When pieces are glossy the paint will not adhere. That is why prep is so important. You want to make sure your area that you are going to paint is going to adhere. If you don't prep those glossy pieces then your paint wont adhere and will peel off.

I then painted on 2 different types of paint. I first painted it with Dixie Belle navy color but was not really happy with the color so I painted over that with AS napoleonic mixed with a little graphite.

I then sealed it all with AS clear wax so I knew it would be protected.

After the first coat sat for 24 hrs I started applying Dixie Belle black wax to give it the depth I wanted. I used quite a bit of black wax, applying it in a downward motion at the top and an upward motion at the bottom part.

The turquoise wax is DecoArt wax.

I know a lot of people have trouble with wax. It is one of those products that you either hate or love. I happen to love working with wax. I guess because I have been working with it for so long I know how to use it. You just have to practice and practice.

I am so happy with how the bed turned out! I think it looks very regal!

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