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Antique Dresser Painted Duck Egg

This was a custom makeover requested by a client. She wanted her old dresser to be painted in duck egg (by Annie Sloan) and then distressed and aged with wax. It is a look that I get asked to do the most. I have lots of how to videos on my YouTube channel on how to apply wax.

With old pieces you want to make sure you clean them really well. I did go ahead and shellac all of this too as I knew it was going to cause bleed through issues. I applied 2 coats of clear shellac.

It was painted in duck egg, 2 coats. I then lightly sanded it all to smooth out brush marks. I then applied a coat of clear wax. I let that sit 24 hrs and then applied a coat of dark wax mixed with clear wax.

You have to play around with the wax sometimes. It can be tricky so just put a light amount on to start. If you want to add more, you can do that the next day. For the hardware, I painted it in the same paint and then distressed them a little, clear waxed, dark waxed, and then added just a tiny bit of copper wax.

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