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Small Boho striped vanity

This little vanity is one of my favorite pieces that I have done! I love it so much I'm already looking for another vanity that I can transform in a finish similar to this one. It's the stripes and the flowers together!

I painted it in a mix of paints and colors. I honestly used different paint brands and mixed them together. Two of the paints I remember using are Annie Sloan scandinavian pink and old white. I also used pinks from somewhere - I don't even know what the paint was. I tend to do a lot of mixing and don't label my containers of mixes and leftovers so I usually have no idea what is in the containers. Probably not a good way to go but that's how I roll. The inside area is painted in the hot pink mixes with some red and some coral thrown in.

The majority is painted in leftover corals and creams mixed together.

That cute paper is from Spoonflower. Unfortunately they don't sell giftwrap paper anymore but you could try Zazzle. I applied it with wallpaper paste that I buy from Hope Depot. It is very inexpensive but works great for thick paper. You do want to press down the paper with something to make sure you get out all the bubbles and extra glue. I will post a photo below of the tool I use. I do have videos on my YouTube channel of how I do decoupage on furniture.

The black stripes are painted in Dixie Belle caviar. That is a great paint to do the stripes with. I did 2 coats of that paint. When you do stripes, a great tape to use is the Frog Tape. It makes perfectly straight stripes with no leaks at all! Just press down the tape well and I'm telling ya, it is perfection.

We measured each area (I say we because I always need my husband to help me when math is involved in figuring out spacing) and then did the first line right in the center of each area. You do have to do measuring and figuring out so if you are not good with math have someone help you out. You have to figure out the spacing of each line.

Take off your paint as soon as you have finished your 2nd coat of the black (or whatever color you are using). Don't let the 2nd coat dry.

I also applied a brown glaze all over (before I did the stripes) so the piece would look aged. Glaze is amazing for giving the old, worn look. You could also use wax but because I was still going to do stripes, I applied the glaze instead of using wax.

Then I just lightly distressed the black stripes just a bit with a 220 grit sandpaper.

It was all sealed with Modern Masters dead flat varnish. I'm telling you, that sealer is getting to be my favorite sealer!

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