Dark turquoise table & chairs set

I've had this table and chairs set for probably a year. I finally got around to painting them! I loving mixing up colors to get a turquoise. I can't seem to find a turquoise color I love so I tend to just mix color together until I'm happy. For this table I mixed up some Annie Sloan florence, napoleonic blue, aubusson and graphite. You just have to play around until you like the combination. I never measure so I can't tell you how much but most of the turquoise comes from the florence and the napoleonic blue.

I washed the furniture all down first (always clean your pieces first) with some tsp mixed with water. Then gave it a good rinse with warm water. I gave the table a quick scuff sanding with 220 grit paper. I then rinsed off all the dust with a big brush and then with a tack cloth. I didn't think this set needed shellac first and I was right. There was no bleed through happening and there were not bad marks on the furniture so I painted it after all the cleaning and scuff sanding. Most of the time though I will shellac or oil prime the furniture.

I mixed up the colors mentioned above and started painting. It needed 2 coats of paint. I did a sanding with 220 grit sanding pad. It helps greatly to sand the chalk paint with a smooth sanding pad (you could also use something like 400). Sanding smooths out all the brush marks and roller marks. It actually also helps to harden the chalk paint into the wood. I did a little bit of extra sanding where I wanted it distressed. I then sealed it all with dark wax. I applied 2 coats, waiting 24 hrs in between the 2 coats. It's always better to let the first coat of wax sit for 24 hrs first.

Photo's of my work in the Gallery.

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