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Large blue armoire

This armoire was so sad to begin with. It was very plain and had a lot of scratches on it.

After getting a very good cleaning and scrubbing down I painted it all with a mix of different chalk paints. Yes, sometimes I mix all my paints up :) I used different shades of blues and dark grays. The inside got painted a coral color. I put on some flower paper on the inside parts of the doors. I applied the paper with wallpaper paste.

Once I painted a couple different coats on the outside of the armoire I did a little bit of blending with some of the paints. I used a water bottle to spray the paint and blend. I also applied the paints in small sections here and there with a putty knife.

For the pulls, I used the rusting technique with Modern Masters rusting paints. They have fantastic products for achieving the rustic and patina look. Click here for a kit you can buy to test it out (afil link).

I then got out my sander and did some distressing here and there.

I sealed it all with dark wax to deepen the colors.

You can see more photo's of my work in the Gallery.

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