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Flowered napkin dresser

This dresser was transformed using the napkin method. I really love how it turned out. Very easy to do with napkins and mod podge. You want to make sure you take off all the extra layers of napkin. Most napkins are 3 ply so take those extra layers off. You only want to apply the very top layer which has the pattern on it. Here is the napkins I used on this dresser (click and it will take you to my afil link to purchase). Amazon has a huge selection of napkins.

I first painted the dresser with chalk paint. Once that was dry I applied the napkins. You can either lay the glue down the size of the napkin or just apply in sections - put on a bit of glue, lay the napkin down, continue laying glue and laying napkin down. I go all the way to the edge of the drawers and then just leave the napkins on there to dry. I rip off excess napkins when they are dry. Once all the napkins were dry on the drawers fronts I tore off the extra napkins along the edges. I then applied more mod podge on top of everything. Once that dried I sanded along the edges to distress the drawer fronts and release all the extra napkin edging. I also did a bit of distressing on the drawer fronts to make the dresser look old and worn. I then applied dark glaze all over the napkins. It really adds so much depth and character to the look of the napkins/dresser when you glaze or dark wax something.

More photo's of my work in the Gallery.

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