Our kitchen makeover

After working on the kitchen for a few weeks, we are finally done! When we realized how much it would cost buying all new counters, tile back splash, a new oven, etc, I just figured I could make do with painting everything for now.

I know, never did I think I would be painting my kitchen counters! But I am willing to give it a try and hope that this will last for a little while. It looks so much better now! I know this is all temporary. I actually really love the kitchen now! It feels so good to walk in to a bright, pretty kitchen.

I am SO glad I did not go with my initial idea of painting the Advance paint and having a more modern look. I so much prefer my shabby chic kitchen and I could care less that it isn't "in trend" with what is going on with everyone else. I wanted a kitchen that I love and that is more my style.

I have videos on my Facebook page of all the prep work - the how-to, the removal of the doors/hardware etc., the cleaning, the scuff sanding, the primer. You can view the videos in the videos section.

First we removed the cabinet doors. We took off all the hinges and placed them in ziploc bags right inside where the door was taken off. All the doors got numbered and also a number placed inside the cabinet.

I then took the doors and cleaned everything down with Krud Kutter and bar keepers. You want to make sure you get off every spec of grease and food droppings. Otherwise that is going to come through your paint. You can use a variety of cleaners, anything from Krud Kutter to vinegar to baking soda to bar keepers. Then I rinsed off all the cleaners with warm water. I also cleaned all the bases.

I then scuff sanded everything. Here is a link to some flexible sandpaper (afil link). The flexible kind is easy to work with. All you need to do is a quick sanding. I then brushed off all the sanding dust and also used a tack cloth to get off all the dust before painting. I always use tack cloths to remove the last bit of dust right before painting (afil link)

I then painted with an oil primer. First I painted with BIN. I then painted with Fresh Start primer (a great primer for the Advance paint as I thought I was going to use Advance). I put on 2 coats of the primer. Make sure you let these products dry properly. Read the instructions on the cans.

I then started painting with the Advance paint. I was on my second coat of the paint on the bases and realized I hated it! I stood back and looked at it all and started crying. This was not the look I wanted! I was going for the more modern look, trying to do the "right" thing as what you see and hear about for kitchens but it is not for me!! I thankfully stopped that and decided I had to do what I love. I did not want modern for our kitchen. I did not want contemporary. I did not want a satin smooth look. At all. I wanted shabby chic. I wanted distressing. So I quickly removed the oil primer from the molding that I wanted distressing (oil primer can't be distressed like chalk paint so I quickly removed it) with mineral spirits.

And I started painting right over the Advance paint. That is the great thing about chalk paint. You can paint over anything. I made a mix of 1 1/2 cans of pure white Annie Sloan chalk paint with 1/2 can of paris gray. It made this beautiful really pale pale gray. More on the side of white. I applied 2 coats of that everywhere. I just wiped off the chalk paint as it covered the molding where I wanted it distressed. For painting the cabinet doors and bases I used a brush and a foam roller.

After the 2nd coat dried I sanded it with a 220 grit so smooth it all out.

Then removed all the dust with a big brush and with a tack cloth.

I then sealed all the cabinets with Artisan Enhancements Clear Finish. I applied 4 coats of this sealer.

For the counter tops I first cleaned the counters and backsplash really well with strong cleaners to make sure all the grease and grime was off. Especially around the stove top. I then rinsed off the cleaners. I then put on Slick Stick. IT is made by Dixie Belle paint company. It is a special bonding agent made for glossy areas/formica/tile etc. I applied a coat, let it dry (a couple hours) and then applied a second coat. I let that sit over night.

Then I started painting it all. For the backsplash I used manatee gray. For the counter I mixed manatee gray with a little midnight sky. It just darkened the gray just a bit so the counter would be a bit darker than the backsplash. I applied 2 coats each. I used brushes and a roller. I then did the stencil on the backsplash using regular white chalk paint and a stencil from Michaels. I then sealed it all with the Dixie Belle product called Gator Hide. It repels water. I put on 4 coats of this on the countertops and 3 coats on the backsplash.

And it was done!

For the oven we sprayed it with Rustoleum spray paint for high heat (afil link). We took off the front door and taped it all up and then sprayed. A very inexpensive change until we can get a new oven. It looks great!



Counter before:

Counter after:





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