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Antique twin beds

These beds are absolutely amazing! You don't often come across beds like these. Clients brought these to me to be painted. They had been in the family for many many years. Their daughter's were now going to use them and they wanted them to have a fresh, new look.

I have never had so many problems though with furniture until this set! The bleed through on these were so so awful! All my usual products I use for bleed through just did not work. No matter what I put on. Finally, I figured out a solution to stop the bleed through. I think there were so many problems because the beds were so old. But problems figured out and now they look beautiful! I sealed them with clear wax.

I think they made the right decision with pure white. It just goes with the curves and age of these beds. A classic, charming look with the white now. A couple lucky girls get to have these antique beds!

**Having trouble working with pure white? Check out my YouTube channel for a video on painting with white paint.

More photo's of my work are in the Gallery.

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