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Pink lace dresser

I really love the lace pattern from Royal Designs. I have used it a few times already. This dresser was calling out for it though so that's what I went with. It's called the Spanish lace stencil. You can see the other pieces I did this on in the gallery.

I don't often paint pink furniture as that narrows down the field for purchasers, but I thought it would be a sweet dresser with pink and white lace.

First I applied a coat of white primer (after all the prep) because I wanted to distress the pink paint to show some white underneath. It's cheaper to just use white primer than chalk paint if I am going to do just a little bit of white distressing.

To get this bright pink I mixed Annie Sloan burgundy and pure white. I started with burgundy and added pure white to it, stirring, until I like the color of the pink it produced. 2 coats of the pink and then I went over the lace stencil with a small roller with just a little bit of white paint on the roller. You want to make sure you roll off your roller first before you roll on the stencil or else you will get too much paint on the stencil and it will be uneven. You will be working in sections and it is easy to just pull out your hair dryer and dry the paint so you can put down your stencil for the next section and keep going. It's pretty fast!

When everything was done I sealed it with Modern Masters dead flat varnish in 2 coats.

The knobs I got from Hobby Lobby.

More photo's of my work are in the Gallery.

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