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Dark green dresser

I absolutely love this dark green color. It actually is darker than normal because I added black wax as the sealer so that deepened the color.

This is a solid wood piece. I mean solid wood! The color is Annie Sloan amsterdam green. I used 2 coats of the green and then went in with black wax. Because this is a dark color I went straight to applying the black wax without the clear wax first. I wanted the green to have real depth and darkness so I sealed it with black wax straight away - 2 coats. No clear wax. You do normally want your first coat to be clear wax as the paint protector and then your second coat of wax can be a dark or black wax.

Having trouble with wax or painting? I have lots of how to videos on my YouTube channel.

More photo's of my work are in the Gallery.

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