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Cream and green hutch

This hutch was your basic maple hutch that is so common from the 80's. Great maple solid wood, but that look is outdated and just kinda boring :)

So this got my usual prep cleaning and it all also got a coat of shellac. I took a survey on Facebook and Instagram of colors I should paint the hutch. Cream and green got the most votes so that is what I went for. I am very pleased with the results and love this color combination. It is Chateau Gray (no, it's not gray, just the name of the color) and the cream is a mix of pure white, old white and old ochre. Great colors to mix together. Everything got 2 coats. I then distressed it all and put on a coat of clear wax. The next day it got a second coat of wax, but this time a mix of dark wax and clear wax as I wanted this piece to look aged. The mix I use is normally about 70% dark wax and 30% clear wax. You can do whatever mix you want though - the more dark wax the darker it will be. I wanted a mix because of the light color. It absorbs dark wax so much so I always add clear wax to the dark wax when using it on a light color.

I love using wax as it ages pieces so well and it also is such a great sealer, much tougher than a water based sealer.

Having trouble with wax? I have lots of how to videos on my YouTube channel that you can watch.

More photo's of my work are in the Gallery.

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