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Acrylic pour furniture

Isn't this the coolest look ever? I absolutely love the look of acrylic pouring. This technique is normally done on canvas, which I did a few months ago. I wanted to see what it would look like on furniture. What paint can do when you mix it with pouring medium is so amazing. I have a video on my YouTube channel on how to do this look.

You actually do use acrylic paints, which I bought at Michaels. I just used the little ones that they sell in the paint/craft aisle. I like the brand FolkArt but any of the acrylic paints will work. I used black, white, gray, bright green, and metallic silver. I pour the whole little paint into a plastic cup, then add the same amount of the pouring medium, and then some water (about the same, just a bit more). Stir it really well. And that becomes what I pour on. It is very messy so you have to have lots of plastic drop cloths ready. And because I was doing this on drawers, I had to cover up all the portions of the drawers that wasn't getting poured. So a lot of prep work. You pour little puddles all over the drawers and then pick up your drawer and move it around. Add more paint if you need too. The paint drips off all over the place so it is best if you can have a set up where the drawers are sitting on something, and inside a box or something, where the paints can drip. I then let them drawers sit for 3-4 days. Don't move them during that time or you will disrupt the drying and flow. Once it was all dry I sealed it all with Modern Masters dead flat varnish. But you can use Artisan Enhancements sealers or General Finishes sealers.

I would recommend practicing this technique on canvas before doing furniture. It is an amazing technique.

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