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Copper and patina bed

I absolutely love using the Modern Masters metallic paints and patinas! Sometimes I combine the rusting too and that makes it even cooler! On this bed frame I decided to not do the rust.

This was a generic cheap, super bright brass bed. Your typical cheap bright brass from the 80's. So ugly! I knew though it would look amazing with the patina look. When you work with the rust and patina products you really need to follow the directions and use all the proper products together.

I first did a quick sanding of the bed.

Then I primed with the Modern Masters primer made for the metallic paints and patina/rusting products.

After 2 coats of primer I then painted with the special oxidizing copper paint they make. I did one coat, let it dry, and then the 2nd coat. You then spray on the blue and green patina as the second coat of paint is wet. That is when the amazing action starts! It takes some time for the whole effect to happen, but it is so amazing! Just let it sit and let the patinas work their magic. That is what you see dripping on the bed - the patinas.

You can also use their paint that is bronze but I chose to use the copper paint as that is what I wanted showing through.

After a couple days you can seal it. You want to seal it with the permacoat extreme, which is made for these metal products.

I will post photos below of the products I used. When I do a project with the rusting, I will make sure to post about it. It is done in a different way from the patina method.

More photo's of my work are in the Gallery.

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