Driftwood/Beachy Watercolor Table

This look seems to be popular, although it is not my favorite look. It is kinda a neat look so I'm not sure why I'm not so keen on it, but I'm not. I thought this end table might work for the look so thought I would just do it this one time :)

Achieving this took a lot of colors and a water bottle. You have to do a lot of layering with colors and spraying with water to blend. I first put on a dark green color. Once that dried I started just brushing on a few different colors all at the same time, blending with water. I did the steps twice, so there is a lot of paint on here. You just have to keep adding the colors and blending with water. If there is a certain color you want more prominent then do that color last. I used a dark brown, olive, light gray, cream.

I then finished it all off with white wax. That was a big part of the look. That is what is in all the crevices, the white wax. It helps give that driftwood, beachy, pottery barn look.

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