Beach sofa table

This table started out black, painted with latex paint. How do I know that? Because it was chipping. Anytime you paint with latex and you don't prep, the paint will eventually chip. You shouldn't paint at all with latex unless you are painting walls or crafty items. The chances of paint chipping with latex are pretty high.

Anyways, this has to be sanded of all the peeling paint first. Click my affiliate link for buying a great sander.Then I painted with turquoise and pinks. On the top I applied the salt wash technique, which is so awesome and perfect for any beachy type of look. I decided I did not like all the blues and pinks everywhere so I eventually painted over the whole bottom portion of the table with white. It is really hard to sell colorful pieces where I live so hopefully the white will help with selling this piece.

If you haven't tried salt wash yet, give it a try. It is really fun to work with!

**Questions about painting/staining/cabinet painting? Just call me. You can buy a phone call in the Online Store**

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