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King retro headboard

This headboard is actually made of resin. So many furniture pieces in the 60's were made of this material. It looks like wood but once you touch it you realize it is a form of plastic. I know, it seems silly. But this furniture had the best carvings and detail, perfect for painting! I mixed up one of my secret mixes of a deep turquoise. If you email me I might give you a little hint of what to do :) I love this color! I also did a little bit of distressing and I sealed it with Annie Sloan black wax to give it depth and character.

With this kind of resin furniture I always prep first with shellac. You can buy shellac here from my affiliate link. I usually put on at least 2 coats of shellac so the paint will grip. Otherwise it will slide off. Once it has the shellac you can paint. Two coats is all I needed as it was a darker color. Once that dried I distressed it a little bit. And then after brushing off all the dust (and getting the rest of with a tack cloth), I sealed with AS dark wax for the first coat and then black wax for the second coat. This is where you want to be artistic with the wax, putting on and taking off and shadowing with it. I always use wax brushes and old t-shirt type of rags for the wax. You can read my blog on how to wax if you aren't sure about waxing or you can watch lots of videos on my YouTube channel on using wax.

You can buy the recipe for this amazing blue in my Etsy store - Rita Shurmer Art.

More photo's of my work can be seen in the Gallery.

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