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Armoire in Cream

This armoire was originally a knotty orange pine. What a transformation now! When I paint over the wood that has those knots in it, I always prep well. Otherwise those knots will show through. I shellac and then I also oil prime before painting. Click on my affiliate link for my favorite shellac and my favorite oil primer. The shellac really helps those knotty areas in the wood to not show through. My client wanted some distressing on this piece, I had to leave all the edges the wood and not put any primer on the edges. She wanted a creamy white, not a yellow white or a pure white. So I mixed Old White and Pure white to achieve this color. I had to put on 3 coats, in some areas 4. This is pretty common when you use the white colors. It was all sealed with clear wax. Scroll below to see how the armoire looks in my clients home.

I have lots of how to videos on my YouTube channel.

More photo's of my work can be seen in the Gallery.

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