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Metallic Set

I have a great client who loves metallic paint! It's so fun to paint with metallics. The process does take longer though. With the Modern Masters metallics you have to use base coats. And your base coat cannot be oil based and also cannot be chalk paint. You have to use a water based paint, like latex, or a water based primer. Click on my affiliate link to see a really good water based primer to use.The latex cannot be a higher sheen than eggshell. With these pieces I used Modern Masters silver and then a few of their golds for the gold painted areas. You can seal with Annie Sloan clear wax or Modern Masters sealant made for their metallics. I would recommend using the Modern Masters sealant made for the metallic paints.

Take a look below at the transformation of these pieces with metallics.

I have videos on my YouTube channel on using MM metallic paints.

More photo's of my work can be seen in the Gallery.

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