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Nursery changing table dresser and furniture

I was asked if I had a dresser that was a specific size that a designer wanted to put in her client's nursery to use as a changing table. I didn't have one in my inventory but I did find one that was the exact size they wanted! After color discussions and doing some sample pieces for them for the nursery furniture, we decided on old white with glazing for the dresser (going to be used as a changing table) and lamp. For the end table they wanted it a light pink with glazing so I painted it Antoinette and used brown glaze on it. The dresser and the lamp I painted in Old White and did the brown glazing (Rustoleum java brown) on both pieces. As stated in other posts about glazing, it can be really tricky. Just make sure you have a damp cloth on hand, a dry cloth, some brushes for application. The damp cloth is what is going to move the glaze around. And make sure you apply an acrylic sealant BEFORE you glaze or your glaze will instantly stain your painted piece. The acrylic sealant lets you move the glaze around without penetrating the paint too much. You can use any sealant. I usually use General Finishes topcoat in satin. For the glaze you have lots of options with General Finishes glazes, Rustoleum, Lowes. You can also make your own glaze. If I make my own I use glaze from Benjamin Moore and then add stain to it or paint if I am using a paint glaze.

They wanted some light distressing on the dresser so I did that also.

I have lots of how to videos on my YouTube channel on painting and waxing.

More photo's of my work are in the gallery.

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