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Vibrant Purple Chest

The detail on these old dressers from the 70's is so amazing! They are not exactly pretty in their original wood look but once painted, stunning! That's why I love these pieces. They are not solid wood though so be prepared for that. You have to make sure you really prep these pieces with oil primer. You can buy my favorite oil primer from my affiliate link. Sometimes the pieces with the most details are the ones made from resin! I used General Finishes milk paint (it's not really milk paint, more like a latex paint) in Royal Purple and then applied a black glaze everywhere. I did heavy glazing inside all that detailed area on the doors as it looks best in areas like that. When glazing you want to make sure you have a damp cloth on hand and a dry cloth. You can read my blog on glazing. I then sealed it all with a few coats of GF high performance topcoat in satin. The hardware was painted with Modern Masters metallic paint in silver and sealed with their sealant for metallic paint.


More photo's of my work are in the Gallery.

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