Olive and Black Dresser

I had planned on painting this dresser a dark gray but changed my mind as I wanted to use up my AS Olive paint first. I ended up putting a black glaze on this. I thought the copper metallic paint would look really sharp against the black and green so I painted all the hardware with Modern Masters copper metallic paint. Their paint is amazing! I wasn't sure about how this dresser was going to end up but I like the results. It's something really different for me as I don't normally use this heavy glazing. Have you glazed before? You have to have a damp cloth and a dry cloth on hand when you glaze. The damp cloth helps you move the glaze around. If you don't have a damp cloth the glaze will not move - it will just be heavy and streaky and dark. Once you get the glaze looking how you want it to look, use the dry cloth. I go between the damp and dry cloth. Sometimes you have to go over the area a couple times. It can be tricky to glaze and I don't always like the look of the streaky lines. I prefer the glaze to be used in detailed areas to add depth. You'll see when I mean when I write the blog on the purple dresser I just finished. The dresser was sealed with GF flat topcoat.

Here is the glaze I used, but you can use any glaze.

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