Metallic Croc Dresser

This dresser had a major transformation! Take a look at the before photo.

My client wanted everything to be silvers and grays. She wanted the dresser to be sophisticated glam but soft. I used Modern Masters metallic paint in silver and also a mix of paris gray and graphite for the gray. For the top she wanted the croc stencil but because she wanted this all to be soft, I rolled the stencil with metallic paint instead of doing my usual pearl plaster technique.

For the final touch I brushed on pearl plaster around the edges, just to give it some extra pearly softness.

I also painted the pulls with metallic paint. The little knobs were taken off and replaced with crystal knobs. It looked much better with those knobs. Make sure you prep your furniture first and you can read my blog on prepping furniture.


**If you ever have questions about furniture painting or cabinet painting you can call me now and ask questions. Just go to the online store and buy a phone call**

More photo's of my work are in the Gallery.

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